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Dance Programs

We offer 3 different levels in our dance academy.

This program teaches the beginnings of proper dance technique in a way that is fun and energetic.

Our recreational program is for dancers wishing to participate in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.
Dancers may take as many or as few classes as they desire.


Dancers wanting to take their dance to the next level! Dancers at this level are taking at least 2 classes and our in our advance levels 3 - 5.  

We believe that dance is very important in a child’s developmental process because it fosters high self esteem and self expression.

Dance education is like building blocks. During each level of dance instruction, specific techniques are taught and in order to progress to the next level, those techniques must be mastered. If you build a tower from blocks, the base must be strong to support the building. This is the same for dance. A student may be in a level for 1-2 years depending on their individual ability. It`s important to have that solid dance foundation before moving to the next level, just like our tower example. Our instructors have many years of training and are experienced when determining a students class placement.


If interested email
Our competition company was established in 2003 to allow the serious dancer the opportunity to enhance their dance education through teamwork, performing at community events, benefits and competitions. Our hope is that the intense training and discipline received will not only maximize their ability in the art of dance, but also encourage them to believe in themselves, their dreams and be a building block to succeed in life.

You can order your child's dress code at our online store.  It will be waiting for you at the studio the following week. 

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