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Junior & Senior DANCE PROGRAM   Ages 11 - 18

Dancers wanting to take their dance to the next level! Dancers at this level are taking at least 2 classes and our in our advance levels 3 - 5.
  • Level III: **Intermediate. Prerequisite: 2 years Level II
  • Level IV: **Advanced Prerequisite: 2 years Level III
  • Level V: **Pre – Professional Prerequisite: 2 years Level IV
    **Instructors approval needed.
Ballet 3 - 5 students must take ballet twice a week. 

Pointe (Ages 11+)
Prerequisite:  For Intermediate and advanced ballet students that are technically prepared. Instructor`s approval required.
Must take pointe class 2x a week

Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop and Lyrical (Ages 7-18)
Classical ballet is taught at our academy. Cecchetti and Russian methods are used to instruct the dancers. Proper technique and terminology is highly emphasized.
Jazz is similar to Broadway type dancing. Technique with turns and leaps is a focus as well as proper placement of arms and legs during dance moves.
Traditional tap is taught in our beginning classes. As students progress, new popular forms of tap are introduced and studied.
Hip Hop
Learn to dance like your favorite pop/hip-hop singer in this hip-hop, funk, all out jazz it up class. Some jazz technique will be incorporated into the hip-hop instruction.
A poetic style of dancing with a lovely, flowing quality that tells the story of the music. Movements from Ballet and Jazz are combined. Students will receive continual dance training in five different levels.
This style of expressive dance stresses versatility and improvisation. It combines elements from modern, jazz, lyrical and ballet. 
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