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The Perfect Balance of Structure and FUN!
Start their dance journey with us….

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Our exciting class curriculum keeps young dancers engaged and excited during class and for the entire dance season.
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*Twinkle Tots Dance   Ages 2 - 3

Our exclusive Twinkle Tots™ dance class is a thirty minute introductory dance class that is unique and important in the dance industry. The secret to the class is that it is structured and fun! It contains ballet, tap and creative movement. Young dancers learn the basic steps while learning how to follow direction and imitate movement in a positive environment. Engaging music is used to get these little dancers inspired to dance. The use of props such as “dancing bears”, hula hoops and maracas, enables the young dancers to use their imagination, creativity and, most of all, have fun!

*Twinkle Star Dance   Ages 3 - 5 

Twinkle Star Dance is an age specific class containing ballet, and jazz/creative movement. Watch a cute video here. The purpose of the class is to introduce young dancers to the three styles of dance and inspire movement and creativity within a positive environment. Dancers also learn basic steps and terminology in all three styles. For example, all dancers will learn what a “plie” is and how to demonstrate one. The use of fun, age appropriate music engages the young dancers’ minds and bodies. The use of props such as maracas for the “freeze dance” makes the end of class the most fun!

*Beginning Ballet/Tap (Ages 5-6)
This class is ½ Ballet and ½ Tap. Students will continue their education in Ballet but get a chance to try a second form of dance. Tap shoes are required.
*Beginning Ballet/Jazz (Ages 5-6)
This class is ½ Ballet and ½ Jazz. While continuing their education in Ballet, students will enjoy learning a second form of dance. Jazz shoes are required.
*Beginning Ballet/Hip Hop (Ages 5-7)
This class is ½ ballet and ½ hip hop. While continuing their education in ballet, while also learning the faster movement of hip hop.
*Jr. Hip Hop (Ages 5-7)
We will get your little ones moving to the beat with this popular and energetic dance form!
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