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                                                              Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is there a dress code at Star's Twir
l and Tumble?
A: Yes. Students are required to wear certain colors of leotards, tights and shoes depending on the classes they are enrolled in.

Q: Why is there a dress code at Star's Twirl and Tumble?
A: Dance is about fun and discipline. One part of the discipline of dance is to be properly attired to participate in class. Dressed appropriately the instructor can see the students body lines, body placement and posture and make the necessary corrections to the students form and technique. Instructors are able to choreograph dances more effectively when the dancers are dressed the same. Please see below for specific class attire. We also ask that all students wear warm-ups coming to and from the academy.

Q: How should is wear my hair?
A: Girls must have their hair in a bun for ballet and pulled off their face in a ponytail for all other classes.


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