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Beginning Ballet and Tap                           Ages 5 - 6
This class is ½ Ballet and ½ Tap. Students will continue their education in Ballet but get a chance to try a second form of dance. Tap shoes are required.

Beginning Ballet and Jazz                         Ages 5 – 6   

This class is half ballet and half Jazz. This fun class combines upbeat, stylized movement with proper technique. Jazz dance is based on ballet principles with each class consisting of a warm-up using isolated movements, across the floor progressions, and current choreography all set to age appropriate music.

Beginning Ballet and Hip Hop                   Ages 5 - 6
This class is ½ ballet and ½ hip hop. While continuing their education in ballet, while also learning the faster movement of hip hop.
Jr. Hip Hop                                                      Ages 5 - 7
We will get your little ones moving to the beat with this popular and energetic dance form!
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